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Are you still waiting to get instant financial help to get rid of the cash crunch and willing to apply for an instant cash loan, then enter all your details i.e., name, email address, PAN number, Aadhar Number, salary or income details, purpose of your loan and all the required details and apply for personal loan which is simple, easy, fast, and transparent, because our loan service is accomplished in a couple of hours, especially when the documents are valid and you fulfil all the eligibility criteria as per the company policy. Because we intend to be present with lending services for all the eligible customers.

Loan Example

Loan Amount







Interest Rate Yearly

26% PA

Admin Fee


Rs. 2000

Monthly EMI


Total Interest


Amount To Be Deposited


Specific Features & Benefits

With a competitive rate of interest, instant approval, easy repayment and multiple distinct features, your borrowing, especially with online cash loan becomes easy and accessible and after being a frequent customer, your credit scores get elevated in the course of time.

Easy Application

Digital lending adds more relevancy to services and makes the application process easy .

Competitive Interest

The rate of interest matters, and the loan is available at a competitive rate of interest .

Minimal Documentation

The application process doesn’t require physical documentation.

No Hidden Charges

There is no pre-approval or any hidden charges. Every charge is revealed explicitly .

Fast Disbursal

Accomplishing loan applications takes less time; hence the disbursal is fast .


Easy Repayment

The loan repayment is easy, and it can be done conveniently as per the tenure .

How It Works

Application for a loan is always succeeded by the best effort of the entire team associated with the fintech, and at every step, there is fairness, transparency, and speed. It helps customers get the cash quickly because their document verification and disbursal are done on a short term basis.









Rates & Charges

Minimum loan amount

Rs 5000/-

Maximum loan amount

1,00,000 /-

Tenure Days

90 Days to 365 Days

Processing fee

@ 2% of loan amount

No pre

closure charges


@ 1.25% to 2.15% Monthly


@ 15% to 31%.

Cheque bounce charges

Rs. 1000/-

Personal Loan in different cities

We are Available with Personal Loans in Different Cities in India because we know the significance of instant financial support.