How to Apply for Instant Personal Loan without CIBIL Score

Instant personal loan without CIBIL score

Getting an instant personal loan becomes essential as it is the best way to manage the cash crunch, especially for those with regular income, i.e., those who are salaried or self-employed and have an authentic and regular source of income. In those cases, the instant personal loan is one of the best sources and finally, after getting a satisfactory verification, it becomes easy to get the disbursal. In between that CIBIL score always matters which is considered while approving the loan because the lending agency always looks at the previous record and it can easily be found via the CIBIL score.  

What is the CIBIL score?

CIBIL is used for the term Credit Information Bureau India Limited which is associated with analysing the transactional record of personnel or agency and as per the transaction history, it provides the grade or rating in terms of numbers like the score between 300-499 is considered as poor, 500-649 is rated as average, 650-749 is good and above 750 and up to 900 is regarded as excellent. So, based on these ratings and scores, which are tracked through your PAN numbers and always matter for the approval of a loan, or to decide the insurance premium, interest rate and many more. So, finally, after knowing all these you must concentrate on some issues that can boost or maintain your CIBIL score.












Why CIBIL score matters

While getting a personal loan or any other financial services like insurance, applying for a credit card, or getting a loan with convenient tenure. Therefore, it always matters, especially when you apply for a personal loan or want a credit card with a higher limit. So, considering all these financial benefits CIBIL score always matters. Especially when you apply for an instant personal loan with a higher CIBIL score, and already have a good income, your loan is approved shortly without getting delayed. 

What are the consequences of a low CIBIL score?

If your transactional history is not fair and your CIBIL score is low, you might face various difficulties in financial assistance. And these are

  • Higher Interest: With a low CIBIL score, you can get a loan with higher interest as lenders want to secure the loan on these parameters with a higher repayment risk.
  • Rejection of loan or higher amount: When you apply for an instant personal loan without a CIBIL score your loan, especially for the higher amount can be rejected and create difficulties for your financial planning.
  • Short tenure with higher interest: in many cases, if your loan is approved, the lender reduces your tenure and maximizes the interest, for the assurance of their repayment. Which might create difficulties.
  • Higher premium on the life of medical insurance: Even on the premium of the medical or life insurance policies, your premium amount can be higher due to the low CIBIL score.

How to get an Instant Personal loan without CIBIL score

 If you have a lower CIBIL score and you want to apply for an instant personal loan without CIBIL score, then there are some tips that can help you get the loan easily. However, it will depend on the lenders, especially for the approval of the loan, because ultimately it depends on the lender’s policies, but, in many cases, they approve the loan. Follow some tips to

  • Search the lenders providing loans easily: Many lenders provide the loan for lower CIBIL scores also and in many cases, they consider the current income only which must be enough for the repayment. The borrower must not have any liabilities also. So, you can apply there without any hesitation.
  • Apply for a small amount that can be repaid easily: While applying for a personal loan, you must think that the loan amount must be small in comparison of your salary. Because the short-term is based on salary and the lenders approve your loan after assuring that your amount is less and you can easily pay the amount.
  • Try to maintain a fair bank statement with a surplus amount: if you are able to save some amount even after the monthly expenses, it enhances the chances of your loan approval, especially with a fair bank statement that can reveal that your current financial situation is good.
  • Assure the lenders that you are now capable of repaying: Once your CIBIL score falls it takes time to recover and therefore, you must assure the lender that you can repay the loan amount easily.

How to boost or maintain the credit score

  • Borrow the short-term loan: You can borrow for the short term, especially the instant personal loan without CIBIL score and it will help you enhance the CIBIL score with repetitive borrowing.
  • Apply for the lower amount: Always try to apply for a lower amount that can enhance the CIBIL score because once you get the loan with a lower amount, it will be easier for you to repay it shortly and easily, and that is the key to enhance credit score.
  • Repay on time without getting delayed: Never get delayed while repaying either personal loan or credit card bills and therefore, it will help you get the reloan again and again.
  • Use a credit card with a lower limit: Always try to use the lower limit of your credit card because exceeding the card limit hampers your score.


It is essential to be aware of the CIBIL score and its effect on your loan and other financial assistance. Considering the consequences and benefits of the CIBIL you can apply for an instant personal loan without a CIBIL score also where lenders only analyse your current income and become assured about the repayment. So, you can get the loan easily, especially when you apply for a lower amount. It will help you not only get an instant loan but also improve your credit score for further financial assistance.   


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