How To Get An Instant Personal Loan Without Documents?

Instant personal loan without documents

You might have to get messages through SMS, WhatsApp or Email about a pre-approved loan or a hassle-free loan where you don’t have to submit any documents and also you don’t have to visit the office because it is accomplished online only. In such a case, you can think about how getting an instant personal loan without documents is possible. Then let us solve your queries and resolve your questions that, now, in the digital era, everything, i.e., the eligibility of the customers is analysed with the PAN numbers only which explicitly reveal your credit score and your financial transaction. And therefore, you don’t have to present any documents in physical mode.

What is an Instant personal loan?

An instant personal loan is an unsecured loan provided by lenders to all eligible customers, especially those with sufficient monthly income like a salaried person, who must have a good credit score. In that scenario, the unsecured loan is approved for them. Sometimes, the lenders also prefer self-employed with a fair transactional history, credit score and ITR. In both cases, collateral is not required, and the instant personal loan is approved without any physical documents.

How to apply for the Instant loan without documents

You must be sure you are eligible for the personal loan as per the lender’s requirements. Once you have all the eligibility criteria like credit score, salary as per the loan amount and appropriate documents whatever are required. Here documents required means, you must have a soft copy of your papers to be uploaded on the lender’s website, I.e., on the Apply Now page. Ensuring all these there are following steps that you are supposed to do and these are

  • Choose the lender and go to their Apply Now page, or if you are choosing the lending app, go to the application section.
  • You have to fill in all the personal details like your name, mobile number, email, and loan amount you need.
  • Upload all your documents. Whatever is required and then submit your loan application.
  • Get the approval which is done for the instant personal loan
  • Get the loan and get your loan amount directly in your account and use the loan amount as per your needs.

Features of Instant personal loan without documents

There are different beneficial features of the instant personal loan which help you get the cash shortly and some specific features are like

  • Minimal Documentation: As per the name, the instant personal loan without documents, there are no requirements for physical documents. You have to upload the soft copy only.
  • Fast processing and approval: Its approval and processing are fast as sometimes it is said as pre-approved loan. In those cases, your eligibility criteria are already checked by the lenders. Therefore, its processing will be done shortly.
  • Disbursed shortly; Disbursal of the loan is done shortly which is done in your account and once you receive the loan amount you are free to use them for all purposes.
  • Affordable interest: It is available at an affordable rate of interest and that leads you to any kind of usage like for shopping, travelling, credit bill payment and all.


After considering the types and definitions of instant personal loan without documents it is clear that there are no requirements for physical documents. However, it must be there in digital form for the verification and approval of the loan. If you are eligible for the loan based on your credit score and income, you can easily get the loan and use the loan for multiple requirements. So, if you think you are eligible for the instant personal loan you can apply right now to manage the cash shortly.


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