Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been generated to inform and aware our customers regarding the personal information that we share with third parties and get from our customers for multiple purposes. To deliver our services we get some personal information from your side. As per the information technology Act 2000, we have briefly enlisted all the information we get from your side and further proceed. We request all customers read the terms and conditions properly and proceed with the services after assimilating them. It’s their right to withdraw from services in case of disagreement at any point.

There is a list of personal information that we get from your side basically the personal information is like your Name, Email Address, Photograph, Email Address, Postal Code, Contact Number, Bank Account Details, Bill Details, Permanent Account Number (PAN), Aadhar Card, Residential Details and all.

As you use our platform, we collect and securely store information provided by you. We seek your permission to gather the necessary data, and our primary goal is to offer you a safe, efficient, seamless, and personalized experience along with our services. This enables us to provide features and services that cater to your specific needs, enhancing the overall quality of our platform. It's important to note that we only collect personal data that we deem essential for achieving the objectives.

In general, you can explore our website without revealing your identity or sharing any personal information. However, if you choose get services from our platform, we will request some basic information to provide you with personalized services. The information we collect from you, in compliance with data privacy standards, includes:

    We get the following information to perform multiple actions such as
  • To perform properly and enrich the services.
  • To get brief ideas of the server and speed of the page.
  • To deliver precise services with distinct features.
  • To get services from the third party with extended quality.
  • Whenever possible, we make it clear which fields are required and optional. You always have the choice to withhold information by not using a particular feature or service on our platform. Additionally, we collect data from your user account, primarily encompassing your email address and public profile details like your name, photos, and ASID, depending on the platform you use to sign up for our app.
  • This information is essential for the registration process, granting you access to our services, and simplifying data entry through the app's interface. We also collect other identifiable information, such as your transaction history on the platform, when you create a free account with us, as detailed below. While some sections of our platform can be accessed without registering as a member, certain activities, such as obtaining third-party lender credits through the platform, necessitate registration and the provision of the above-mentioned details. The platform will clearly indicate the personal data it is gathering from you, and you retain the option to withhold your information. However, please note that this may limit the services available to you on the platform.
  • Furthermore we can get the record of your phone number for verification purposes and to confirm the active status of your SIM card on the device. This measure helps uniquely identify you, prevent fraud, and restrict unauthorized access.
  • In compliance with the Video Know Your Customer (Video KYC) process, the collection of your data is imperative to validate and complete your KYC. Consequently, granting permissions for the use of microphones and cameras is mandatory.

Third-party policy

We can share this information with our clients or third parties those who are delivering our services. But they never misuse your information at all and it is only to deliver efficient services.

Accessibility of devices

We get the accessibility of your devices to ensure the location and other components to accomplish the requirements of video KYC and all. To proceed with the KYC, we get the accessibility of your devices in different ways. Such as
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Location


Our website sends cookies to enhance the services with multiple updates and information, such as server details, speed, product delivery and all.

Approval of terms and conditions

Unless you agree with the terms and conditions you can’t go ahead to get the services, therefore, it is necessary to agree with the terms and conditions. if you disagree with the terms and conditions, at that time only, you will withdraw from the services.

Contract Act

Any customers, proceeding with digital lending must be eligible as per the Contract Act 1872, where they are supposed to follow all the eligibility criteria. In case of any defaults, their agreement and services can be immediately terminated.

Contact details

We are not responsible for any defaults if you are visiting another website and get some difficulties and fraud. We always contact you with our registered contact details.


There is a specific grievance team where you can register your complaint in case of any delay or interruption of services. For more information, please contact the Grievance officer.
Contact Number :    (+91) 7900879001
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