Terms & Condition

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the website of our fintech company, which is owned by PHONEPEYLOAN, where all the terms and conditions regarding the services we deliver have been disclosed. We have enlisted all the section and invariable factors of the essential services, and the most prominent part of the terms and conditions is that all must agree to the terms and conditions for further proceeding. It is necessary to obey all the rules and privacy policies which are briefly listed. Once the agreed can only move for the services for the same, one must be eligible as per the Contract Act 1872.


To ensure eligibility, we can get all the details, and you must fulfil all the factors to be eligible for getting our services, i.e., the personal loan. The eligibility criteria are fundamentally based on salary, credit score, Area of residence, job profile, ITR report, utility bills and all. Therefore, your loan application can be rejected if the lack of required documents or any other factor doesn’t match our terms and conditions.


Although the loan application can be made online, it can be verified, and the executive can verify some physical documents; therefore, the availability of physical documents is necessary in those cases.


Since the loan is for the short term, it may have a small tenure and exceeding the time of repayment will undoubtedly increase the compensation. Therefore, the failure in repayment can lead to a penalty. The assignment depends on the terms and conditions of the company, and ultimately, it will depend on our decision.

Interest And Fees

Everything related to the interest rate and processing fees is based on the company policy, and therefore, it must be agreed upon by the customers before borrowing. There will not be any negotiation after borrowing; therefore, customers must follow all these guidelines before lending.


The executive fix the repayment date, and the customers must repay the amount before or on the repayment date. Therefore, it is necessary to be assured to assimilate the policy and tenure. Failure in repayment can lead to extra penalty charges and hamper the credit score.


Once default, the company can block the repayment, and their loan will not be approved. Therefore, having transparency in the loan services is necessar .

Privacy and Data Security

All the data captured and gained from the side of customers is kept reserved, safe, and secure from our side and not disclosed at all. However, it can be used for advertisements and other purposes without reshaping or changing them.


We have been functioning under the guidance of the Reserve Bank of India; therefore, following all the financial guidelines is our priority. With the registered website and all we deal with our clients, if someone calls you for the approval charge, then avoid those people and contact us with our registered number.

Changes in terms and conditions

The terms and conditions can be changed, especially when there are changes in the rules by the government authority.

Complaints and dispute

All the complaints and disputes will be taken care of under the jurisdiction of the Delhi High Court.

Contact Details

We are always there to help our customers, and while facing any intervention in the services, you can contact our grievance officer.
Contact Number :    79008 79001